You can measure your growth and what the netizens say about your brand

Monitoring in social networks is a tool that allows you to analyze what users are saying about your brand: the interactions you have, the level of exposure, reach and impact. It’s important to realize what people say about you in real time so you can share, respond or interact in some way to turn the whole social movement into concrete data and conclusions.

It’s necessary to defined what information we need and the objectives we want to achieve. If we want to determine the reach we have, we must have at hand the number of followers in the social media, the keywords that google generate traffic to your website, the number of followers and the number of people entering the website.

Later we use a mathematical formula that will allow us to measure several of the aspects that we want to know. One of them is the Conversion Ratio which relates the number of visitors with the number of leads achieved.

Conversion Ratio = leads / visits x 100

This simple division can also be applied to measure leads in terms of sales and marketing. According to the results that this throws it will be possible to deepen within the strategy of digital publicity to reach more readings or traffic. Remember that the value added is the main law in web 2.0.

In the case of a blog there are two metrics that will reveal your monthly growth and in relation to the previous year.

Growth rate MtM (month to month) = (month 2 – month 1) / month 1 x 100

While to calculate the virality of your publications you must implement the following formula:

Virality ratio = total of shares / post’s visits x 100

This will allow you to know what format most Internet users demand, what time the publications work best and which topics seduce the most. However, this only measures how much that post resounded not the impact of the content itself.

Social networks

The results that are acquired in the different social networks can also be quantified in metrics. The following equation will be used in that case:

Interaction rate = Total interactions / scope of publication x 100

However, there are applications like Hootsuite Pro do the calculations automatically and some platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to know certain metrics without too much effort.