Users seek to be heard and interact with the brand in virtual platforms

Social networks have become a tool to enhance the communications that companies have with their customers and this is changing the behavior of the consumer with the brand.

According to Bryan Weiner who works as an entrepreneur in the digital area “Social Media eliminates the intermediary, providing brands with the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers.”

These mechanisms must be employed in a strategic and adequate way so the communication is unilateral and can be answered doubts, complaints, criticisms or positive comments.

For this purpose there is a professional known as Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management). According to Paul Greenberg, “it is a business philosophy and strategy relying on a technology platform, business rules, workflows, processes and social characteristics that involves the client in a collaborative conversation with the purpose to provide mutual benefit value in a reliable and transparent business environment.”

Digital endorphins

Most of the world’s population is connected by the different social networks for recreation, holistic training, and entrepreneurship among others.

However, those who wish to focus their communication strategies on this type of audience should consider key factors in order to meet the expectations of the social clients.

  • The user always wants to be listened to and taken into account.
  • The clients desire to establish constant communication with the brand.
  • The user loves the emotions that you can cause them.
  • The user shares their opinions about their surroundings.
  • They own the conversation on social networks.
  • They are looking for added value
  • They love stories that connect
  • They don’t like direct sales

Insights from the web 2.0

In order to have an adequate corporate profile companies must have a person to perform that role. There are professionals in the area who are known as Community Manager and they are in charge of maintaining communication between the company and the consumer.

In addition they know everything about the company, its mission, its vision, its services, products, and mainly what they are looking to show to their customers. Among the activities to be carried out are:

  • Create or maintain brand loyalty
  • Gaining attractive communication strategies
  • Analyze what the competition is doing
  • Segment the audience
  • Get users to interact with your brand
  • Create alliances in web 2.0
  • Interact with users
  • Make a Difference
  • Innovate
  • Set goals in the short, medium and long term
  • Be the friend of the client

It is vital that entrepreneurs do not assign this activity to any person. Otherwise, their communication strategy in social networks may be doomed.

It is worth mentioning that the monetary results generated by this type of marketing strategy can be measured through Return on Investment (ROI), which calculates the profitability of the objectives and mechanisms you used.

“Promote your social networks because only then you can become an influencer of your reality and make your brand a collective personality.” Outstandigital